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Save money by shopping smart

As Marilyn used to say: ‘Happiness is not in money but in shopping.’ We agree with her 100% and this is why saving with us is nice and simple. We won’t give up shopping to save money, but we prefer to shop smart and benefit from rebates and special offers. We want to teach you how useful this habit is.

Sell and make money:

We promise that we’ll do our best to make your favourite products always affordable. We make sure they have a good price, and what is more you can earn money by reselling them and keeping the margin for yourself.

Recommend and make money

When you work with Prouvé there’s only me simple step you have to take start earning money – recommend. Surely, you have recommended a nice restaurant to your friends, a proven mechanic or a doctor. That is what multi-level marketing (MLM) is about – recommending proven products and services.

How it works:

Each Partner gets a 25% discount on the products from the catalogue. The difference between the Partner Price and the price for which you sell the product represents the money you save.

With us you also save time: you order products on-line and the courier delivers them to the chosen address. Quickly and efficiently.

Don’t waste time and think how you are going to spend the money you save thanks to Prouvé!

How it works:

It’s very simple. Show the catalogue to your friends and ask them if they want to order Prouvé products from you. The difference between the Partner Price and the price for which you sell the product gives you an instant profit.

Think now how you are going to spend the money you make thanks to Prouvé!

How it works:

You ask your friends and previous clients if they would like to become Prouvé Partners and shop on their own. If they do, you help them become Partners and you become a Sponsor. You start building your own Structure.

Each product in the catalogue is worth a specific number of points. Whenever you buy Prouvé products, your Partner Account will be credited with a given number of points (you can check your score on the Prouvé website after signing in). When Partners from your Structure buy products, both you and them score points. Every month, the points earned for the products you and the Partners from your Structure bought translate into your Ranking.

For a specific Ranking at Prouvé and for your and your Structure's turnover every month you can get a remuneration or a rebate.